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I'm an extremely fickle fan-girl, so you will see all kinds of random stuff here.

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actors: Jay Baruchel

Gorgeous eyes.

Watching This Is The End which always renews my crush on Jay Baruchel. Our personality’s are so similar. I’m definitely the Jay of my group of friends.

Perfect for how I feel about hugging.


Doctor doesn’t take orders.


Here is some of my collection of Luke Newberry gifs (most are from the video Dance For Me uploaded by Nathan Small on YouTube) 


Pictures of Luke Newberry that make me catch my breath every time 

Part 1/?

Osric Version (Part 1) (Part 2)

In The Flesh Challenge:
[4] characters - Kieren Walker

"Amy once asked me how many miles I’d have to go before I could be okay with myself. I thought I’d have to go around the whole world. And I don’t think that any more. I’m okay here."

"You don't get to leave me yet. We got too many things to do."

Any time you can convince your friend to love a Fandom as much as you is absolutely glorious. She and I have only two more episodes until the end and she literally, physically hit me on the arm and asked me if the end of season two is sad… I told her that it was a cliffhanger, and refused to say anymore.


Yeah, she’s mad at me right now… 

buckynoodlebarnes Asked:
ok what is in the flesh because you post it constantly

My answer:


i literally jumped when i read this im so happy


If perfection was ever achievable, In The Flesh would be the perfect tv show. Basically it’s a british show about zombies.

Except instead of showing the zombies as monsters that the main characters have to protect themselves from, the main characters are the zombies. They’re called PDS sufferers (Partially Deceased Syndrome) and they have to deal with crap from the regular living people.

The main character is Kieren Walker, who is played by the most adorable human being seriously 

The other main character (he comes into the show in season 2) is Simon Monroe. He’s supposed to be this mysterious intimidating “disciple of the Undead Prophet” guy but he just wears sweaters and is amazed at Kieren. I love Simon very much. 

Amy Dyer is Kieren’s best dead friend forever, and she is such a great person, and honestly I think her relationship with Kieren is so important wow. 

All the characters are so insanely developed and diverse.  The bad guys are genuinely bad, and they have really interesting backstories. 

since i post about them so much i dont think this will be much of a spoiler

Simon and Kieren are so perfect together and Simon’s devotion to Kieren is so amazing wowowowow. 

In the Flesh also deals with serious stuff like oppression of minorities, political things, and mental disorders. 

So basically it’s the best show out there if you like action and accurate portrayals of people with problems and insanely talented actors and fans (have you seen itf fanart because wow its gorgeous).