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I'm an extremely fickle fan-girl, so you will see all kinds of random stuff here.

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eye contact: how souls catch fire

I’m very high spirited doctor. I hope you won’t hold it against me.

Just saw Hostel 2 for the first time… Stuart both turned me on, and angered me for being a douche-bag rapist. I’m sick, I admit it. WHY do I always find the psycho in movies hot??



"I hate to admit it but I found Stuart from Hostel II really attractive especially when he turned evil.”


Jay Baruchel on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.


Current sexuality: Raúl Esparza’s hips


For one, this guy is adorable.
He has like the most perfect teeth I’ve ever seen!
And he seems like the sweetest person ever…

I want to be his friend.. Like now..


If you see a coffee cup float in mid-air, you may be on an episode of The Carbonaro Effect.


Today in poly sci someone argued that it’s okay to base political views solely on religious dogma, because slavery was so good for the economy but was ended on moral grounds. Because ownership of people as property equates to the denial of basic rights.

Ryan’s 30 Day Video Game Challenge

Day Eight: Your favourite voice actor (Troy Baker)


Michael Carbonaro turns a bubble into glass. Or does he?

Michael Carbonaro… Instant crush.